Time for changes when physical beauty is more in focus than ever before

They all want the beauty but why is it so !??


I don't believe it's about beauty because we're all beautiful! Nowadays we're living in a world where most of our daily actions have been automated by technology, various algorithms, and AIs. We can also observe that worldwide most of the handwork jobs and many helpers job are dying, this is the result of the rising of automated workflow replacing humans by robots. No one can truly tell that suddenly everything gonna stop! No, it won't! Big corporate will integrate more and more automated systems in their enterprise. Those facts mean a lot of people will lose their jobs.

For most of us out there this is a real problem we're facing because we need to eat, drink and pay our bills.

On one side Yeah it's true simple work will be replaced by a machine, but on the other side, we got the internet which brings a lot of new opportunity to show the world what you can and earn money with it. Remember a few years ago no one was seeing YouTubers or Bloggers as a real way to gain money, even the music industry became more indépendent than ever before.


Think about that for a minute:

A few years ago you was spending your free time with those several things you love and have to work for a compagny to survive ( buy food and pay your bills).

A few years ago you took mostly care of your phisical apparence to get an attractiv life partner or for a lot a mens out there to gain a sex experience with an attractiv women.


Nowadays new technology and the internet gives us the opportunity to combine working to gain money with simply doing the things we enjoy if you're good in what you are doing then show it to the world and build up an enterprise around your person and the things you are doing.

Rember that even if it's true " Robots replace humans in the industries " They do only replace easy jobs and no intellectual jobs and creative achievement.

As it was before the robots and AI time we all heard that we have to gain knowledge in school and get graduation if we hope to get a pretty good paid job in the future well things haven't changed that much!!! 

As you know that easy jobs get replaced by robots go for education to get that job the robots can't make and if you are lazy for education well thanks to modern technologies you can nowadays gain money just by being a person of public interest no matter what you are doing if you are good at what you are doing, and you present it on an attractive way no need to work for someone else anymore.to

Make the best out what you are and start shinning.

If you have neglected yourself you need to understand that because of the social network influence the appearance is something like a line, a line people will only cross if they are attracted by what they see, and only if you get the people to cross that line you will be able to show them who you are what you do and what you have to offer.



I strongly believe we are getting in a Female Power age

Yes, it is the way it is! It's so easy to get attention as a woman, no need to be naked just to take care of themselves and shoot a few nice photos and you will get the people crossing your line quickly which is the first step to start your carrier as an independent person. As a regular shop, the first step is to get the people inside. Once you get them in, then you can show them your offer. If you are good at what you are doing you will make money with it!!


Let take two basic examples:

You are playing video games and want to become a YouTuber who talk about tricks and hacks round about your favorite games well being an attractive woman in a high-quality video will bring you more viewer than a fat boy with a smartphone video recording even if the boy may have better tricks and better gaming skills.

You are singing and playing guitar well here again you will attract more viewer as an attractive woman in a high-quality recording than a fat boy recording himself with his smartphone no matter if the boy can sing better.  


I don't want to tell that you have no chances if you are not a woman looking like a Hollywood star. I just want you to understand that nowadays entertainment is one of the most efficient ways to gain revenues and people out there want to be entertained with extraordinary things they do not face daily like a guy just looking like you when you wake up in the morning after a cocktail party.

As a man or a woman, you need to find out what's making you attractive for the world out there if you do not want to be a nobody who's spending his life working for someone else just to survive and to pay his bills!!



Let go back to our title "Time for changes when physical beauty is more in focus than ever before", so you may now understand that the biggest change nowadays is that you can't anymore go the simple way in life, Robots will do the simplest tasks tomorrow. 

You need to use your brain, your creativity or/and your body to live a good life. It's time to update yourself to your best version becoming the 2.0 of yourself, your appearance is your shop entrance, your creativity is your product and your Brain is the tool you have to use to create the best version of your product!

Stop Trying, Start Making! Become the best version of yourself, start by working hard at yourself... 

Don't misunderstand me, don't change who you are but optimize the best version of you and stay yourself because everything else will make you mentally seek in a long way!

and always remember we all have dreams but no pain no gain






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